Mediation is the pathway to a peaceful and amicable divorce


Divorcing Couples with/without Children/Property/Assets

Same Sex Couples Married/Unmarried/Division of Assets

Post-Divorce Agreement Modification and/or Reconciliation

WELCOME to your FAST, AFFORDABLE, DIVORCE using the mediation process to bring peaceful resolution. We understand the stress, upset, anxiety, fear, and general discomfort that you are experiencing and we are ready to support you in restoring peace through a mediated agreement.

You are in the right place for a professional, calm, respectful process. We understand that the divorce process can be exhausting. There is a lot that you are worrying about from changes in day to day living, finances, children’s well being, your social status and probably processing all of the things you have heard about divorce.

We understand and we are here to help you. We support our clients in creating agreements that are respectful and leave room for real healing. We have all heard horror stories about divorce. Yours will NOT be one of them.

We understand your desire for a respectful and peaceful negotiation process. We know you do not want to hurt yourself or the other party any more. We know that you are mature enough to evaluate what is ideal for you, and we will serve you for your highest and best outcome.

You will receive:

  • Confidentiality and a respectful negotiation with the support of your mediator
  • Compassion through your process as you navigate your settlement
  • Your written agreement at the time of mediation that you can take to court
  • Resolution and peace of mind that you have done everything you can to create a Win-Win for all involved

Our marital resolution process is safe, respectful, and supportive so that you can “heal while you deal” and create outcomes and agreements that are right for you and your family. We eliminate the need for a courtroom battle (in most cases) and help you to create agreements that reflect what you want your future to look like.

Your negotiated agreement will be written and you will have it the same day of service. The document we create together will serve as a “Blueprint” for moving forward in a new agreement.

In most cases we are able to settle all of the issues related to your divorce in a single session. You are always welcome to have an attorney, therapist, or support with you (as long as both parties agree). Once your mediation is complete and you have your documents in hand, you can be divorced relatively quickly.

In addition to having a document that outlines issues relating to child support, shared parenting, dissolution of assets, Alimony/Palimony, and next steps toward your ‘new normal’, our goal in the mediation process is to help reduce your anxieties and create a meaningful, healing, experience for you on the way to agreement.

If you are considering separation, divorce, or would like to explore reconciliation with a bigger vision, please call of sign up for a complimentary pre-mediation consultation. Thank you for considering a Peaceful Mediation South Florida and an affordable, fast, respectful process.

Florida Certified Mediators


Complimentary Consultation from your Florida Mediator:

  • Is mediation right for you?
  • What can you expect?
  • What will you need at our meeting?
  • How soon can we get it done?
  • How long will it take?
  • Where will I go from here?
  • Schedule Your Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process designed to avoid litigation and expensive attorney fees. Two people, who would like to resolve a disagreement, sit down and “work it out” with a neutral third-party (the mediator) to guide and facilitate the process.

A good mediator has a fixed fee schedule and is not trying to extend the process to increase their compensation. They are only motivated by one thing: supporting you in arriving at an agreement that is acceptable to you both. The mediator remains “neutral” throughout the process, so that you can decide how the ideal outcome will look and feel, for you, in your unique situation.

Don’t worry if the solution seems far away now, or if you think you’ve “exhausted all the options.” A great mediator, such as myself, can always see new possibilities and resolutions you haven’t thought of yet. It is my mission to support my clients to design new terms that feel authentic, creative, doable, – and even energizing.

A great mediator will be efficient and effective – knowledgeable and caring.

The resolution they come to will:

  1. Meet court requirements
  2. Have clear goals and a blueprint for achieving them
  3. Include written agreements that compel new, more successful behaviors
  4. Provide the opportunity for reconciliation with a plan for reintegration
  5. Nurture great relationships, such as shared-parenting and parental behavior
  6. Create new agreements that are based upon respect and integrity
  1. It is confidential. (No one but you will know what is discussed.)
  2. It is fast. (We can have an agreement the same day you come in.)
  3. It is affordable. (On average, it costs less than 1/3 of the price of hiring a lawyer.)
  4. It is binding. (Once you file the agreement in the courts, you’re done.)

Commercial claims: We handle small claims on issues up to $5,000.00 and civil circuit claims on issues from $5,000.01 and up, including: Landlord & Tenant, Personal Injury, Insurance Claims, and Consumer Reimbursements.

Family court claims: Divorce including pre-Suit, parenting plans, alimony & child support, division of assets, and return to orders for updating of agreements that need to be revisited.

Reconciliation services: If you are not clear about your decision to divorce, reconciliation services can help you gain clarity, come up with creative solutions for improving your relationship, and give you some more time to make the best decision.